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10th Rule Books podcast

Oct 2, 2017

"Don't you mean our coke?" - Hack's Old Lady

The 80's crime drama comes to a thrilling conclusion as Lance, the man formerly known as 'Chester the Molester' makes his way back to Salinas.

Sep 25, 2017

He hit the pavement saying "It's only a twenty two," as he bled out on the sidewalk.

The 80's crime fiction continues.

Just about everybody finds themselves at the 7-11.

Sep 18, 2017

"If the Department did not have such a negative attitude towards breaking the jaw of pregnant women you would have to buy your beer and smokes from someone a hell of a lot more boring than me." - Grey

The 80's crime fiction saga continues as Gordon makes his way to Salinas.


Sep 11, 2017

"Totally, that last line we did has me vibrating like a bargain bin dildo." - Bryce

The 80's era crime fiction continues .

Lance catches a break. Dave and Bryce spring their plan to get Andy's coke while Eddie and Hack do the same.

Aug 28, 2017

"If you aren't dead and he did not cut off your dick maybe we can get together again someday." - Chrissie

Things get worse for Lance down in Hollywood. In Salinas Andy is on his way to a personal achievement while Hack, Eddie, and Hack's old lady get closer to tracking him down.