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10th Rule Books podcast

Jul 24, 2019

“So their findings that repeated exposure to the reanimation solution could make the subject both aggressive and nearly invulnerable does not concern you?” 


“You have no concerns about unkillable predator zombies?”

This week Bishop Rider makes an appearance in Gank, another dark entry from...

Jul 17, 2019

As the blue fluid began to pump into Bandsaw Bobby's veins Chandler pointed to the pistol holstered on Eddie’s hip and said, “You know you can’t use that, right? It will make a mess.” 

“Yeah,” Eddie said as he reached into his pants pocket and produced a butterfly knife. He twirled it expertly and locked the...

Jul 10, 2019

“Can I shoot him anywhere else?” 

“Of course.” 

“Including the uh…” 

“Groin area?” 


“Of course.”


Season 3 of the pulp fiction podcast that skips the boring parts starts with flash Fiction from Tom Pitts wicked bit street level noir entitled A little Help From My Friends.

We also have...